• Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy combines physical and emotional effects of gentle massage with the medical and therapeutic properties of essential oils. It not only alleviates stress and improves mood but is also a successful treatment for many minor disorders for which doctors cannot find a gentle solution.


    • Aromatherapy stimulated the immune system, strengthens resistance to disease and helps to combat infections.

    • It is especially helpful for PMS.

    • It aids digestion

    • Respiratory system helps with coughs, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.

    • It eases muscular aches and pains and promotes muscle relaxation and tone.

    • By improving circulation and lymphatic drainage it helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

    • Can lower blood pressure, reduce stress related disorders.

    • It can alleviate tension headaches and helps to deal with different emotions.

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy Massage

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  • Reflexology

    In the ancient land of china, reflexology was an art that healed mind and body for over 2000 years. Egyptian tomb paintings from 2300bc depict figures massaging feet.

    In China and Japan it has been incorporated into the employee health programme of large corporations boosting their employees’ immune systems.

    Its theory is based on the idea that a physical image of the body is projected on to the soles of the feet. The reflexes are found on the soles, sides and bridges of your feet.

    • Stimulates and supports the body’s own healing ability.

    • Alleviates effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation (a relaxed body can often heal itself)

    • Improves circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and impurities and revitalizing energy.

    • Everyone of all ages can benefit



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  • Th. Hot Stone Therapy

    Smoothed by the cool, clear, pure waters of a Peruvian river, these volcanic basalt stones are carefully selected for their size and shape. Imagine warm stones placed on your back relieving stress and tension as the sun melts ice. Holding the palm stones you will get a soothing yet deep profoundly effective treatment.

    You will drift into deep relaxation as the warm stones glide over your skin and warmth radiates through your body. Relaxation is instant as the warmth cocoons you. Physically the circulation is boosted, muscle tension released and a sense of well being achieved.

    Stone Therapy can be effective on any level, the stones will create a balancing, meditative experience leaving you comforted, soothed and grounded. This is a lifestyle treatment: it erases the whirl of day-to-day existence and refreshes the mind, body and soul.

    Hot Stone Therapy

    Th. Hot Stone Therapy

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  • Aroma-flex®

    Aroma-flex® is a fusion of Reflexology and Aromatherapy. This powerful treatment combines the healing abilities of essential oils with the benefits of Reflexology, explained on this page. This perfect synergy provides a truly holistic treatment.

    Depending on the individual, this specialised treatment is designed to awaken and restore the soul. Each selection of oils becomes personal for your inner needs and beauty. Stimulating the mind and body by refreshing, rejuvenating, balancing and elevating the nervous system, it attains and maintains a balanced equilibrium.



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  • Reiki

    Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ”Universal Life Force” or the energy inherits to all creations. It describes an ancient healing art founded in Tibet, whose principles are closely aligned with those of Acupuncture and Shiatsu Massage. Reiki differs in that is a non manipulative, “hands on healing” technique that helps to stimulate Immune System function and maximise an individuals healing potential. Its profoundly relaxing effects make it an effective treatment for anxiety, stress and the management of difficult emotions. It complements any other form of holistic treatments.



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Other Therapies


Other Therapies